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Symbol: A black square with a white diamond inset into it, inside a gray circle
Home Plane: Mechanus (Regulus)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Constructs, Law, Forging, Math
Clergy Alignments: Lawful Neutral, Lawful Evil, Lawful Good, True Neutral
Domains: Law, Knowledge, Artifice, Rune, Construct
Favored Weapon: Gauntlets (or Slam)

Summary::Hamaliel is a recent god, or perhaps only recently noticed due to the creation of the Warforged in Nibiru. It was enough to bring the presence of a god of constructs to the forefront. Far more than than the crafting focused Liwet, Hamaliel is the cold, mechanical nature of the artificial. Inevitables adore him, as do Modrons (though they already have Primus). He is respected, but not worshiped by many in these groups, as his favored children are almost universally mindless and incapable of worship. Maugs and other rare, intelligent constructs sometimes worship him directly. He appears as a massive mechanical sphere whirring with a thousand unknown mechanics.


Obey the law is the only command given by Hamaliel, who cares little of what happens beyond that it be orderly and predictable. However he does actively promote the creation of more constructs, intelligent or not.

Clergy and Temples[]

His followers that are true worshipers are few, for he is alien in mindset and often uncaring to the chaotic world. Those who do worship him build temples in perfectly ordered shapes, as geodesic domes, squares, pyramids, and other simple, blocky forms. The temples are largely bare, serving simply as a roof to pray under.


Hamaliel is a god of the Nibiru Pantheon.

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