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Additional Combat Rules Edit

There are a few other significant changes that the Grim-n-Gritty rules make to the standard combat system.

Attacking Inanimate Objects Edit

When you attack an inanimate object, you make an attack roll against its Defense. If the object is stationary, you roll against a fixed value of 1 + the object’s size modifier. If the object is moving, such as swinging on a pendulum or thrown in the air, it makes a standard Defense roll, adding its size modifier. The Relative Degree of your attack roll affects the damage you inflict on the object.

Energy Weapons Edit

Energy weapons fire a beam or pulse of energy that travels at or near the speed of light. Unlike solid projectiles, energy attacks suffer no inaccuracy from high velocity winds. Because the bolt strikes the target in an instant, you do not have to lead your target, just point and depress the firing stud. This gives energy weapons an inherent bonus of +2 to attack rolls.

Sidearms and Longarms in Melee Edit

As with all forms of ranged weapons, attacking with a firearm or energy weapon while within a threatened square provokes an attack of opportunity.

Because of the weapon’s unwieldy shape and size, an attacker using a longarm (i.e., carbine or rifle) suffers a –4 penalty on attacks against adjacent opponents.

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