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Leziad (talk)
Date Created: 27 February 2009
Status: In Construction
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Grey Sky[]

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Grey Sky Campaign Setting v
Player Info Classes, Character Options, Races, Variant Rules
World Info Creatures, Geography, NPCs, Religion and Mythology, Lores, Science
Equipments Arms & Armors, Magic Items, Materials, Miscellaneous Items
The corporations are killing the people of the World, scorch the earth and plunder the goods belonging to the people! Ewigereich's corruption was inevitable dear Alabian, this corruption stop right here, right now and forever. From this day on, the good nation of Alabas declare war on the corrupted Ewigereich Empire.


Summary::The world is about to change. Machines are built, wars are fought and the mind evolves. Grey Sky is a campaign setting set during the industrialization of a small world. The tone of the world is cynic and dark, bearing similar traits to the real world while still retaining fantasy.

The world is divided into three great nations, with some minor nations on the only continent known. The continent itself is divided in 6 great regions. The technology however is not shared by everyone. Brigands and barbarians still roam the countryside. Even with the coming of firearms, some still use archaic weapons. Magic is rare, both arcane and divine. The few practitioners of the old art are feared and hated. Some self-proclaim themselves witchhunters and hunt down the paranormal.

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