Created By: LordRimus
Date Created: 18th June 2019
Status: Beta
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Prerequisites: Divine rank 16, Int 50, Cha 30, Create Object salient divine ability, Create Greater Object salient divine ability, Divine Creation divine ability, Master Crafter salient divine ability, 38 ranks in two different Craft skills.

  • Created creature can have TWICE as much HD/Class Levels as deity have divine ranks, but no more than half of deity's HD (without 20 outsider levels).
  • Deity can create no more than (4 x Deity's Divine Ranks) HD of creatures per year.
  • Can grant previously created creature additional HD within her creational limits. (Rest time is 5 minutes x Additional HD x New CR)
  • Greater Freedom manipulating new racial templates.
    • Can create new templates from scratch.
  • Greater freedom manipulating new creature's stats and abilities.
  • Deity can expend 1 divine rank of her own, and give it to her creation. Divine rank is lost forever without any possibility to regain it, except for ascending to higher rank properly.
    • Such creature will gain 1 Salient Divine Ability, Immortality, 3 Domains, Greater Teleport and Planar ShiftSLA's, but no other benefits of level 1 deity.
    • Created creature is always of maximum possible for deity level. (2 x Deity's Divine Rank)
    • Ability Score points to spend on such creature equals (Deity's Divine Ranks x 10).
      • Can have more INT, WIS or CHA scores than deity that created it.
    • Gaining such divinity does not require any believers or portfolio, but said creature can never rise her Divine Rank.
    • Creating creature while expending divine rank does not count against annual limit for creating nor requires resting time.
    • Creating creature while expending divine rank allows creating completely unique creature without creating racial template beforehand.
  • The deity must convert a considerable amount of its own energy into a creature, which always leaves the deity impaired. The deity must rest for 5 minutes × the creature’s Hit Dice × the creature’s Challenge Rating for each creature created, with a minimum of 5 minutes per creature. If the creature has class levels, each level counts as an additional Hit Die.
  • Deity can create an object with a value of up to 5000 gp without impairment. For every additional 5000 gp of value (or fraction of 5000 gp), the deity must rest for 5 minutes. If the deity is creating an item on a divinely morphic plane or within its own godly realm, it can create a 10000 gp item without resting. If the deity’s realm is located on a divinely morphic plane, it can create a 15000 gp item there without having to rest.
  • Gets +5 divine bonus on all craft and creation checks.
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