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Great Chocobo[]

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Summary::Excellent chocobos. Not as good as Wonderful chocobos, but better than Good chocobos.

When a chocobo is born, it may be a particular exceptional member of its kind, possessing better resistances, speed, supportive qualities, and even combat capabilities. These chocobos are called great chocobos.

Great Yellow Chocobo
Great Red Chocobo
Great Purple Chocobo
Great Dark Blue Chocobo
Great Brown Chocobo
Great White Chocobo
Great Green Chocobo
Great Light Blue Chocobo
Great Black Chocobo
Great Gray Chocobo
Great Gold Chocobo

Creating a Great Chocobo[]

This template is an inherited template, acquirable only by chcobos when having two chocobos breed. For more information, see the Chocobo Breeding Rules.

Size and Type[]

Size remains the same, as does type.

Hit Dice[]

The great chocobo gains the full effect and benefit of 1 Hit Die (when at full maturity).


The chocobo's base land speed does not change, but its Chocobo Run extraordinary ability becomes the Improved Chocobo Run extraordinary ability, which functions exactly as Chocobo Run except that it allows the chocobo to move three times its base land speed instead of twice.

Armor Class[]

Natural armor bonus for a wonderful chocobo increases by +1.


A great chocobo is treated as a creature of one size category larger when determining its claw damage (effectively gaining the benefit of the Improved Natural Attack (claw) feat).

Full Attack[]

A great chocobo is treated as having the Multiattack feat when using its natural weapons.

Special Attacks[]

The creature gains the Choco Cure extraordinary ability, or the ability improves to heal 3d8 plus the chocobo's full number of hit dice (instead of half the chocobo's number of hit dice).

Special Qualities[]

A great chocobo gains improved energy resistance and damage reduction, increasing the energy resistance by 7 and the damage reduction by 3.

If the chocobo has energy resistance, but not damage reduction, the chocobo improves it energy resistance by 7 and gains Damage Reduction 3/—.

If the chocobo does not have energy resistance, the chocobo instead gains Damage Reduction 7/— or improves its existing damage reduction by 7.

If a chocobo has Spell Resistance, the chocobo gains a +1 racial bonus to their spell resistance.


A chocobo's Wisdom increases by +2.


A great chocobo gains a +2 racial bonus on listen and spot checks


As stated above, a great chocobo is treated as having the Improved Natural Attack (claw) and Multiattack feats.


As a normal chocobo of its kind


As a normal chocobo of its kind.

Challenge Rating[]

The challenge rating of a wonderful chocobo increases by 1


Triple coins, but otherwise normal.


Always Neutral


As normal for the chocobo's base.

Level Adjustment[]


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