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Balance: Wizard

Gravatic Charge [Type::Xenotheric] Summary::You can lay Eggs! Only instead of eggs, it's semi-formed rifts between planes that go BOOM! Prerequisites: [[Prerequisite::Constitution 15]]Benefit: By spending a bio-energy charge as a move action, you can place a small rift between the planes in your square or one adjacent to it. When placing it, you set a time for it to go off, up to five times your HD, dealing 2d6 force damage in a 10 ft burst, plus 1d6 per three HD you have. By spending a point of bio-energy as a immediate action, you may cause it to detonate before the assigned time has passed. By taking 5 points of bio-energy drain, you may super charge the rift, causing it to deal 2d8 untyped damage per HD in a burst, up to 5 times your HD in feet.Normal: Any eggs you lay are just that, eggs.Special: These charges count as siege weapons against fortifications. All charges allow a DC (10+con mod+half HD) reflex safe to negate. Failing takes damage. Failing by five or more also renders you prone.

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