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Gorgon Blood Edit

{{#set:Summary=A slightly viscous, opaque red fluid, that, when ingested, causes highly realistic, horrific hallucinations.}}

Gorgon Blood is a thick, opaque red concoction that causes intense, if unpredictable, hallucinations when ingested. When consumed, a single dose of Gorgon Blood causes a creature to begin having vivid, horrific hallucinations almost immediately, which grant anyone attempting to intimidate the creature with a +4 circumstance bonus to their intimidate check. These hallucinations remove a creature from reality to a degree, making them unable to perceive what's actually going on in the world around them unless they succeed on a DC 25 sense motive check at the beginning of each round, and even then, they are only lucid for a single round, after which they relapse into the hallucinations. Additionally, if a creature is immune to fear or mind-affecting effects, and they consume a dose of Gorgon Blood, they lose any immunity to fear effects or mind-affecting effects that they have, while under the effects of the concoction.

The effects of a single dose of Gorgon Blood last for 1 hour, after which the hallucinations fade away. Ingesting further does of Gorgon Blood while currently under the effects of a dose of Gorgon Blood causes the DC of the sense motive check to perceive the world to raise by 5, and the remaining duration of the effect be increased by 1 hour. If a creature is not willing to consume a dose of Gorgon Blood, then they can be forced to ingest some as long as they are immobilized during the attempt.

A character with the bringer of agony feat can brew up a single dose of Gorgon Blood in 6 hours time with a DC 18 Craft (Alchemy) check, while using up 20 gp worth of raw material. The materials used in brewing Gorgon Blood are inconspicuous and can be found in any average human marketplace.

A single dose of Gorgon Blood costs 60 gp and contains about 1 cup of Gorgon Blood.

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