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Balance: Fighter

Gokiburi Persistance [Type::Racial] Summary::Even mortal wounds will not stop you from your goal. Prerequisites: Prerequisite::Gokiburi, Prerequisite::Con 13, Prerequisite::Concentration 4 ranksBenefit: Your persistance improves, allowing you to take action even when you should have fallen. When dying (below 0 hp but not yet dead) you may take either a standard or a move action with no loss of hp, and the hp loss for performing a full-round action is reduced to 1. In addition, while dying you can willingly go into a state of rage, gaining +2 strength, +2 dexterity, +1 will saving throws, and -1 AC. It lasts until you rise above 0 hp, or perish. If you choose to enter this mini-rage you ae subject to all the benefits and limitations of the barbarian class feature of the same name.

Your ability to focus even in the throes of agony grant you a +2 racial bonus on concentraton checks.

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