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Gish Gauntlets
Price: 600 gp + the cost of enhancement
Body Slot: Hands
Caster Level: 5th
Aura: Faint transmutation (if magical) or psychometabolism (if psionic); (DC 12)
Repulsor Rays

Taste my +1 Flaming Burst Thundering Eldritch Blast fiends!

The sturdy, combat ready gauntlets are covered in various runes and figures. As you cast a spell to summon a blazing beam of flame, it comes to life crackling with other enhancements as well...

Summary::These gauntlets allow you to enhance weapon-like spells and supernatural abilities as if they were manufactured weapons. This allows a caster or manifester to enhance both supernatural and spell-like weapon-like abilities such as a warlock's eldritch blast, or a soulknife's mind blade as if they were weapons, or even spells which duplicate such things (like a druid's flame blade). Each gauntlet is attuned to one particular supernatural, spell-like, or spell, so a +1 flaming burst gauntlet which enhances your eldritch blast will not enhance your casting of flame blade.

Additional "weapons" may be assigned to the gauntlet for an additional cost of 600 gp plus the additional cost of enhancing that new weapon. Weapon properties are not shared between each new weapon-like attack given to the gauntlet.

Prerequisites: CL 5th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor; the component spell you wish to enhance (such as flame blade) or 1 level in the class which grants a supernatural weapon (such as soulknive for mind blades); Market price Cost::600 gp + enhancements; 300 gp + 24 XP plus enhancement costs.

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