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Giant Avian Companion {{#set:Type=General}} Summary::You can have a giant eagle or giant owl as your animal companion. Instead of the regular animal companion benefits, it gains class levels. Prerequisites: [[Prerequisite::Animal companion class feature as a 7th level druid]]Benefit: Instead of a normal animal companion, you can have a giant eagle or giant owl. It does not gain the regular animal companion bonuses based on your druid level as normal. Instead, treat your druid level as 6 lower than normal and only use the HD column of the animal companion benefits table. Instead of regular HD, the giant eagle or giant owl gains HD in one of the following classes as long as it is in your service:

All of the levels chosen must be of the same class (the animal companion cannot multiclass).

The animal companion cannot wield weapons (it can only use its natural attacks).

The animal companion cannot take ranks in Use Magic Device Skill or Use Psionic Device even if it has it as a class skill.

In order to direct your companion to use one of its class features while riding it, you must make a ride check (as a free action) DC 20 + 1 per class level the companion has.

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