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{{3.5e Tome of Necromancy Breadcrumb}} &rarr; [[Tome of Necromancy (3.5e Sourcebook)/New Rules|New Rules]]<br />
{{3.5e Tome of Necromancy Breadcrumb}} &rarr; [[Tome of Necromancy (3.5e Sourcebook)/New Rules|New Rules]]<br />
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{{3.5e Templates Breadcrumb}}

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Frank and K
Date Created: 2006
Status: Complete
Editing: Spelling and grammar only


The flesh of heroes reeks of their strength in death even as it is embodied in life. The taste is exquisite beyond description. As you quiver there and watch my meal, I want you to know that I allow you to live only in the hope that you can get word to more who think they have the strength to end my reign of terror.

Ghoul Fever is a horrifying illness that incites an almost insatiable craving for the flesh of humanoids. Summary::Characters with at least 2 class levels brought to zero Constitution by Ghoul Fever find their constitution restored and begin their unlife as Ghouls. Characters with less than 2 class levels simply die and rot.

Creating a Ghoul

Type: The character's type changes to Undead and the character's former type becomes a subtype with the "augmented" modifier. The character also gains the Dark Minded and Unliving subtypes.

Hit Dice: The character's Hit Dice, BAB, Saves, and skills are all unaffected.

Ability Scoress: The character's Dexterity increases by +2.

Alignment: The character's alignment changes to Evil.

Special Attacks: The character gains a bite attack that inflicts an amount of damage appropriate to her size. She also is a carrier of Ghoul Fever.

Special Qualities: The character gains Turn Resistance of +2. The character cannot eat anything other than raw meat (vegetables or cooked foods are forcefully vomited up, leaving the character sickened for an hour), and her total dietary requirements are not reduced.

Level Adjustment: +Level Adjustment::0

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