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Another underpaid day at the factory...
—Factory Worker in the region of Werkslund
Geography v
Major Nations
  • Alabas
  • Ewigereich
  • Ovemia
Minor Nations
  • The Slaveshi Confederations
  • The Brotherhoods
  • The Corporations
  • The Gypsies
  • The Red Blazon Knights
  • The Witchhunters Circle

Geography of Grey Sky[]



The world of Grey Sky is divided in many factions and regions. Some are not as developed as the others, in fact only the three great nation sand their allies benefit from the technology. The "barbarian" nations of Slavesh are living in small farming villages, without the luxury of the modern era. The great cities of Werkslund, while being impressive, are corrupted. Corporation and organized crime are oppressing the citizens. More often than not the government is a puppet to these powers. The socialist nations of Alabas is not better however, ruled by political extremist who took power after a coup d'état, the nations oppress it people in it self-righteousness.

The world is polluted, in the great cities it is nearly impossible to see the sky thank to the smoke generated by the hundred factories. While the country side is generally spared, the woodcutting industry eat away forest, often leaving nothing but bare wasteland.

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