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Balance: Wizard

Gaze Into Madness [{{#arraymap: Deformity, Vile|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::You put out your eyes, but still you can only see mad visions of the future to come. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Evil Alignment, Willing DeformityBoVD, 5 HD, 2 Vile or Deformity feats, You must put out both your eyes|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: You put out your own eyes, becoming blind but being "blessed" for your sacrifice with unusual senses and visions of the future most horrible. You gain blindsense out to 60 feet and blindsight out to 10 feet, and you gain an additional +20 to your blindsense and +10 feet to your blindsight every 5 levels beyond (at 10th, 15th, etc). In addition you gain a host of spell like abilities, allowing you to see into the far realm for answers. You may select one divination spell per spell level (0th through 9th level spells) from any list, and use it as a spell-like ability, obtaining access to the ability as if you were a wizard of your character level (so you must be at least 7th level before you can use your 4th level divination spell chosen. Each spell-like ability is usable 1/day and the ability is Charisma based. When you use your spell-like abilities your empty eye sockets weep blood and ichor, granting you a +6 profane bonus to intimidate checks for a number of rounds equal to the spell level.Special: If you ever regain your sight, you lose the benefits of this feat until you are blind again.

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