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This page details a weapon with special rules for enhancing and using its magic properties; for more information, see Ray Weapons in Eberron.

Freeze Ray

Summary::With your ''freeze ray'', you can stop the world. Elegant and elongated, these mithral ray weapons can halt a being in time. Their weight is such that they require two hands to aim and fire, although they can be held in one hand. A freeze ray fires a ripping cerulean cascade, with a range of 60 ft. An enemy hit by the ray must make a Fortitude save, DC 18 + the wielder's highest mental ability score, or be frozen in time, as the temporal stasis spell. The stasis lasts for ten minutes. You may only place a single creature in stasis at a time with a freeze ray — firing it an additional time releases the previous target. Before it can be fired, a freeze ray must first be charged, as a move action. A single such charge lasts for 24 hours, allowing the ray to be fired without limit in that period.

Strong Transmutation, CL 15th. Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Wondrous Item, temporal stasis. Cost 75,000 gp + 6,000 xp. Price Cost::150,000 gp. Weight 20 lbs.

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