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Balance: Rogue

Freeze Frame [Type::Fighter] Summary::You can force foes to stumble in the face of danger. Prerequisites: Prerequisite::Combat Reflexes, Prerequisite::Base Attack Bonus +5.Benefit: When a creature in your threatened area makes a saving throw against an effect, and succeeds on this saving throw, you are entitled to make a special attack of opportunity against that creature. This attack of opportunity deals no damage, but if it hits, then the target is forced to reroll the saving throw. You may choose to subtract a number from this attack roll if you seek, and force the target of the attack of opportunity to make the reroll of the save with a penalty equal to the number you subtracted from the attack roll, up to a maximum penalty of -2.Normal: You cannot make an attack of opportunity because a creature succeeded on a saving throw.Special: A fighter may select Freeze Frame as one of his fighter bonus feats.

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