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The save DC of this disease varies based on the victim's race/creature type/physiology and its delivery method.

When delivered via contact, the save DC is reduced by 4, to a minimum of 1. When delivered via ingestion, the save DC is the listed value. When delivered via inhalation, the save DC is increased by 4. When delivered via injury, the save DC is increased by 8. This only applies to the save for the initial exposure to the disease; secondary saves are altered by half of these amounts. These values only apply to 8 saving throws attempted against the disease; if it's still active after 8 secondary saves, the save DC changes to the listed value.

Saving throws against this disease are made once every 6 hours, instead of once per day as normal for diseases. (Foxbane is ludicrously fast-acting.)

Effects of Foxbane Virus on various creatures
Creature Types, Subtypes, and Classifications Susceptibility Save DC Damage Explanation
Undead, Construct, Plant, Elemental Complete immunity None None Like any other disease, Foxbane doesn't affect undead or constructs. Foxbane also doesn't affect plants because it specifically targets animals. Elementals aren't exactly made up of organic material, which means that the virus can't affect them, either.
Humanoid (all subtypes except for anthro, orc, gnoll, and reptilian), Fey, Giant, Outsider (human-like) Extremely low 5 1 Cha Primates, including humans, are for all intents and purposes basically immune to the virus. Even a common cold is more dangerous than Foxbane to a human. Even if Foxbane somehow manages to infect a human (or a creature with similar physiology), it does very little damage, and only manages to make the victim slightly uglier.
Humanoid (orc), all primate-based Monstrous Humanoids, Magical Beasts, and Animals (ex. ape, dire ape, monkey, girallion) Extremely low 6 1 Cha Nonhuman primates are only marginally more susceptible to the disease than humans are. This means that the disease is practically impossible to catch and has virtually no effect.
Dragon, Humanoid (reptilian), Outsider (animal-like), Vermin, Aberration, Ooze, all reptile/fish/amphibian-based Monstrous Humanoids, Magical Beasts, and Animals Moderate 11 1d2 Str & 1d2 Con The Foxbane virus's most pronounced effects are on mammals (other than primates). Nonetheless, it has a noticeable effect on other animalian creatures. For them, Foxbane is a relatively ordinary disease that's quite capable of killing the very weak, but easily shrugged off by the resilient. Outsiders of any animal grouping other than canine also find the disease to be quite ordinary.
Humanoid (anthro), all mammal-based Monstrous Humanoids, Magical Beasts, and Animals (other than primates and canines) Moderately high 18 1d4 Str, 1 Dex, 1d4 Con Mammalian creatures (other than canines and primates) find Foxbane to be a dangerous, yet manageable disease. With some medical help, it's quite possible to recover, and tough-bodied creatures can shrug it off without help.
All canine-based creatures, regardless of type (except for vulpines and the completely immune), including Humanoid (gnoll) and certain anthro subtypes Very high 30 1d6 Str, 2 Dex, 1d6 Con, 1 Con drain Canines that get infected with Foxbane are in for a very rough time, and only the toughest among them have any chance to survive. But there's one sub-group of the canines that is utterly devastated by this disease...
All fox-based creatures, regardless of type (except for the completely immune), including certain anthro humanoids Absurdly high 80 80d12 drain to all ability scores (egregious overkill completely intentional) Foxbane gets its name from the fact that any fox infected with it winds up dead in a ridiculously short amount of time, with virtually no chance to fight it off. In fact, it was specifically invented by a megalomaniacal ape biomancer, Dr. Andross, to get rid of a vulpine who had severely angered him, as well as the culprit's entire extended family. Magical healing is practically necessary to save a vulpine from the Foxbane virus. Any vulpine slain by Foxbane melts into organic goop 3 minutes later, as the virus continues to ravage its insides, and the goop is laced with the virus, forcing all who touch it to save against contracting the disease. (Thankfully, there are enough vulpines with disease immunity to prevent foxes from going completely extinct from this disease. It helps that the disease is a bio-weapon, and rarely enters any environment without being deliberately deployed there.)

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