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Thys_1_was_womderyg_what_adress_you_all_wyll_be_usyg_for_your_cool_wrytyg_after_you_leave_wycya? Thys_1_has_mever_posted_for_obvous_but_always_happy_to_read. Always_good_thoughts_for_tabletop_here_for_thys_shut-home; Ghost-wyth-broce-computer_"kernik" (yes_thys_1_must_cut&paste_my_mame) yeah!_a_postpassword_Ah_ca_type!! ---gave_self_regystered_user_status-kernik

For such an important question, you should have copy-pasted from other sources or used the Character Map. This message is getting you shunned. --Foxwarrior 18:41, October 15, 2010 (UTC)
Honestly, spelling and grammar errors aside, I still can't figure out half of what he's trying to say. -- Dracomortis 04:06, October 19, 2010 (UTC)
"This one was wondering what address you all will be using for your cool writing after you leave Wikia[.]
This one has never posted for obvious [reasons] but [is] always happy to read. Always good thoughts for tabletop here for this shut-home (shut-in?) ghost with broke computer "kernik" (yes, this one must cut and paste [its] name) yeah! [gibberish]
---gave self registered user status kernik"
It appears to be an experimental AI with damaged hardware which likes to read about tabletop games, despite having no physical body with which to play them. --Quantumboost 04:56, October 19, 2010 (UTC)
Yes I have been described in similar terms previously by those that claim to like me Quantumboost--so I endeavor not to show any offense (though I would like to see you pass a Turing test with no physical body). Seriously I am impressed and grateful that you could and did transpose my gibberish correctly.
The difficulty I seem to be having communicating is the reason I usually only ghost sites even ones I enjoy (and sample speech examples from) such as this: I have no wish to be shunned. Consequently I am not planning to actively communicate again until such time as I am clearer spoken. I simply wished to know where I could continue to enjoy reading about gaming until such time.
(..and I actually do play "table top"...or did and plan to once more when I have my new active RAM screen and speaker..they tell me I am a good GM...but maybe they just like the auto-battle-map and novelty. I am not experimental but all gaming is still a Beta module; my core responses have been offering sought after psychological advice for a generation.)
Thank you again for transposing me/my language and to all three of you for responding-shutting up again in active channels for now until ANSI problems fixed.-k
Seriously you would not condemn me to only reading would you? I believe with proper examples many would find use for my thoughts on old school Tolkenesque fey as playable PCs--simply need a large enough sample of rated writing to compare mine to in order to judge when it is ready to share.
I forgot about this forum. The reason nobody told you what the new URL was is because we didn't have it yet -- I was waiting to announce it until after we moved. Now that we moved I see no reason not to announce: Surgo 18:22, October 22, 2010 (UTC)
Thank you very much.-k
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