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Talked to Eiji about it, but he said he wants to hear more people first, so I'll put this here for word from the rating committee. On the wiki, we have a fairly objective measure (according to a number of admins) of power, known as the "SGT". Rather than using "squishy, mushy feelings" we're supposed to be objective about the balance level of things, and that means using the SGT as a measure of power. According to the SGT of the class, it looks to be wizard-level. Anyone else have any comments? Note that if I'd really wanted to, a few psionic tattoos of Expansion or potions of Enlarge Person along with Improved Grapple could have probably let us grapple most anything on the SGT without too much of a problem. --Ghostwheel 04:09, July 19, 2010 (UTC)

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