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Balance: Rogue

Forbidden Name [Type::Vile] Summary::Your true name is unspeakable, an aberration unto reality, rendering you immune to its lexicon based manipulations. Prerequisites: Prerequisite::Evil Alignment, [[Prerequisite::Decipher Script 8 ranks]], [[Prerequisite::Knowledge (Arcana)]], [[Prerequisite::Knowledge (Dungeoneering)]], [[Prerequisite::or Knowledge (The Planes) 4 ranks]]Benefit: Your true name is unspeakable, its very existance a bane to reality. You are immune to the effects of all Power Word spells and language-dependant spells, and are considered +4 levels higher for considering the effects against blasphemy, holy word and related spells. However being undefied in relation to the universe has its downside, as you are harder to raise from the dead, and any spells attempting to revive you have a 50% chance of failure. If the check fails, you may try again but the gold and xp costs increase by 50% for each failure. You do not expend gold and experience for failed ressurections, though the total cost required continues to rise until you are successfully brought back.

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