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Balance: Rogue


Summary::The maximum possible fiery destruction a Cardshark can hope to achieve is right here. As is the convention for Suits, the casting time is listed in parentheses.

Ace (low) (Standard): As burning hands, but no maximum damage.

Two (Standard): As continual flame, but no material component.

Three (Standard): As produce flame, but no maximum damage.

Four (Standard): As flaming sphere, but no material component.

Five (Standard): As heat metal.

Six (Standard): As scorching ray, but no maximum number of rays.

Seven (Standard): As magic missile, but one 1d6 fire damage missile per caster level (no maximum) instead of a couple of 1d4+1 force damage missiles.

Eight (Standard): As fire shield, but no material component or maximum damage.

Nine (Standard): As fireball, but no material component or maximum damage.

Ten (Standard): As flame strike, but no maximum damage.

Jack (Standard): As flame arrow, but no material component, and adds 1d6 points of fire damage per four caster levels.

Queen (Standard): As fire storm, but no maximum damage.

King (Standard): As meteor swarm.

Ace (high) (Immediate): As delayed blast fireball, but no material component or maximum damage.

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