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Summary::This concoction is created from fire bloom, a plant found in arid, sandy deserts. The fire bloom is a shrub with three to five thick wooden stems at its base, along with softer green stems towards the tips of the branches. A fire bloom’s leaves usually have a yellow hue and can grow to almost 4 inches in length. Fruit harvested from this plant is hard, but cracking one open reveals short red and yellow cilia inside.

The alchemical powder itself requires a DC 17 Alchemy check, and can be used as a material component for the fireball spell to replace its original components. A fireball using this powder has a +1 higher save DC than normal. In addition, when mixed with salamander oil (a different substance that requires a DC 20 Alchemy check to create), the powder can create a gel that adds 1d3 damage to a fireball spell if the spell is cast while the mixture is smeared on the caster’s hands.

Fire bloom is worth 35 gold pieces.

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