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Balance: Wizard

Fiendish Heritage [{{#arraymap: Tome|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::Your ancestors came from the lower planes. That makes you that much more awesome. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Nongood alignment.|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: This Feat Scales with HD:

1HD: You can take fiend classes and fiend feats even if you aren't an outsider (this allows you to take a level of a fiend class at 1st level). You also stop aging before you reach middle age, and you don't die of old age.

5HD: You gain DR/Good or (choice of baneful substance) equal to your HD/3, rounded down. If you gain DR from another source, the DR stacks and is bypassed by the existing DR's weakness.

10HD: Choose one spell of 3rd level or lower that is fiend appropriate (DM needs to approve). You can cast this as a spell like ability 3 times per day as a swift action.

15HD: The spell like ability from this feat can now be used at will as a swift action.Special: If you ever become good, all benefits are lost (except for the 1st level benefit). You must atone to get the benefits back.

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