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Balance: Rogue

Feet of the Blackbird {{#set:Type=General}} Summary::You're such a good monk, you can run as fast a vehicle named after a dark-colored bird. Prerequisites: [[Prerequisite::Run]], [[Prerequisite::Increased Monk Speed]]Benefit: If you take the run action ten times in a row, your speed multiplies by 50 until you stop running. A character with a movement speed that's normally 60' would run at a speed of 1363 miles per hour (almost mach 2). This does not allow you to ignore difficult terrain.

You also gain the ability to run on liquids, provided that you move at least 2000' during that round.Normal: You cannot move at supersonic speeds.Special: If you run more miles in a day than your Constitution score, you become exhausted and take 1d12 points of nonlethal damage.

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