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Feed the Dark Gods [Type::Necromantic Creation] Summary::You have attracted the attention of dark gods and demon lords, and they are willing to grant dark life to your creations in exchange for pain and power. Prerequisites: Prerequisite::Any two Necromantic feats, Prerequisite::Character Level 7, Prerequisite::10 ranks in Knowledge (Religion)Benefit: You may create any undead creature through the art of sacrifice. For every CR of the creature you wish to create, you must sacrifice one sentient soul (Int of 5 or better) and 500 gp. For example, if you wish to create a CR 8 Slaughterwight, you must sacrifice eight sentients and 4,000 gp. You cannot create any undead with a CR greater than two less than your character level. You automatically control up to your unmodified Charisma modifier in undead created by this feat, but no undead can have a CR greater than two less than your character level.

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