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Fang Weapon[]

Simple Melee Weapons[]


Weapon Prof. Damage Range Price Weight Group Properties
Fang Weapon 30 gp 5 lb. High Crit

A Fang weapon is a metal shell (in a spider fang shape) with protruding blades that Drow often purchase to help their "pets" (monstrous Spiders) cause more harm with their bite attacks. They are purchased as a pair, and are generally strapped to the fangs of a monstrous spider (usually one that serves as a guardian) and fastened on with straps. The fang weapon has a hole at its point where the fangs protrude, and so bite attacks from spiders with fang weapons still deal poison damage. A spider is automatically proficient with fang weapons.
In order to attach a fang weapon to a spider's fangs, you must pass a nature skill check to handle animal (DC 20), or else the spider will attack. If you are a spider rider, attaching fang weapons to you spider mount does not require a skill check. The check must be retaken to remove fang weapons, and the check is automatically passed when removing fang weapons from a dead spider. Fang weapons can be enchanted in the same way that a normal weapon can.

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