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False Honor {{#set:Type=General}} Summary::Through self-control and discipline, you are able to cloak your true motivations, even to the eyes of magic. This technique is extremely popular among ninjas, assassins, and other shady people. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Charisma +17|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: At will, you may change your honor to your False Honor score, which is 5 points higher than your true honor (see this page for more information on honor scores and ranks). So long as you obey the tenets of your new honor score in public, any magical effects that perceive or are dependant on honor always detect this honor score and rank, rather than your true honor. You may alter your honor as a free action, once per turn. If you publicly act in a dishonorable manner, or are proven to be a dishonorable person, the benefits of this feat are lost until you can rebuild your reputation. Maintaining a false honor score does not give you any of the benefits of your new rank, but it does get rid of the penalties of your honor score, if any, as long as it is working.Special: You may select this feat multiple times. Each time it is taken, you may emulate an honor score an additional five points higher than your own. You may not emulate an honor score higher than 20.

In campaigns that use alignment rather than the honor system, this feat is called "False Alignment" and works exactly the same way, except that you can emulate an alignment one step from your own, plus one additional step each time you learn the feat again. You may only take this feat twice. Under this variant, good characters cannot take this feat.

Artifacts, as well as effects or items with a caster level five or more levels higher than your hit dice, are not affected by this feat. They're simply too powerful to be fooled.

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