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Balance: Rogue

Eyes of the Retriever
Descriptors: Descriptors::Evil, Chaotic
Classes: Classes::Demonsouled
Chakra: Chakra::Blast, Soul
Saving Throw: None

Summary::People call you "four eyes" and not because you have glasses. You gain low-light vision. For every point of essentia you have invested in Eyes of the Retriever, your Darkvision improves by 10 feet (characters without Darkvision qualify as having Darkvision 0 feet)

Chakra Bind (Blast)[]

You shoot lasers from your eyes.

As a standard action, you can make a ranged touch attack against one target within 100 feet. The target takes 1d6 points of damage per meldshaper level (reflex half). You choose whether it deals fire, cold, or electricity damage when you make the attack. For every point of essentia invested in Eyes of the Retriever, the range of the attack increases by 20 feet.

Chakra Bind (Soul)[]

Suddenly, you gain a fascination with finding things.

You gain discern location as a spell-like ability that you can use as a standard action at will.

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