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Eye Scribe
Price: 10,800 gp
Body Slot: Eyes
Caster Level: 7th
Aura: Faint transmutation; (DC 19)
Activation: Use activated (see text)

This complicated, mechanical-looking lense fits over the eye of a humanoid, fitting and staying in place magically. The wearer of this device may press a button on the side of the lense as a free action to activate it once per day. While activated, the wearer can deactivate it at any time by pressing the button again as another free action.

While activated, the device will record everything the wearer sees for up to 7 minutes (70 rounds) using any visual abilities or enhancements the wearer possesses. At the end of the 7 minutes, the device automatically deactivates. If the device is deactivated before the end of the 7 minutes, it can be used again the next day to record more, picking up the recording where it left off until it has a total of 7 minutes recorded. The wearer can restart reording from the beginning on any given day by holding the button down as a move-quivalent action, or an action as part of another move action that doesn't require at least one hand.

Anyone wearing the Eye Scribe can watch what it has recorded by concentrating for as long as the recording lasts. Concentrating on watching is a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity. The wearer can make a concentration check to watch the video quickly (DC 15), taking one-tenth the time to watch the whole video, though still requiring a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity each round. The watcher can begin the video at any recorded point (in terms of rounds, for example six round into the recording) as a free action at the beginning of the round they begin to watch with a DC 10 Concentration check. Any attempt to begin the recording at a point that has no recording (like 12 rounds into a recording that's only 9 rounds long) automatically fails.

Upon being put on, the user is immediately aware of any existing recording and its overall length, though not the content of the recording or the indentity of the recorder. They are also aware of how to operate the device.

This device only records visual information in the form of a silent "video." For auditory recording or both audio and video, see the Ear Scribe or Journal Stone, respectively.

Prerequisites: CL 7th; Craft Wondrous Item; clairaudience, mnemonic enhancer, silent image; 5,400 gp + 404 XP.

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