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Expanded Skill: Craft Cooking[]

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Cooks of the world unite! Now your useless flavor ability has an actual impact! Cooking takes an hour of work and can feed up to eight people if given enough materials. Eating the food can take 30 minutes to an hour itself, and range from mere flavor to having an actual effect.

Table: Skill Synergies
Cooking skill creates... DC
A basic meal 10
A delicious meal, +2 social skill checks involving food 20
Rare dishes made from monsters Varies
Identify ingested poison or disease swallowed, +3 save if check is successful Equal to Poison/Disease DC
As Detect Poison in food without tasting a potent amount Equal to Poison DC + 10
Detect Disease in food without tasting a potent amount Equal to Disease DC + 10
Reflavor food (cosmetic) 15
Reflavor food to hide taste of poison Equal to Poison DC
Rare Dishes Made From Monsters[]

Rare dishes can be crafted from the monsters you defeat, with a base DC of 20. Depending on the monster (DM fiat) certain may be more or less difficult to prepare. However, such rare dishes can fetch high prices or grant circumstance bonuses to various cooking related tasks. Rare dishes are also generally the means of using Advanced Cooking (see below).

Epic Check[]

You can cook foods that have an almost magical quality to them.

Task DC
Advanced Cooking Varies
Mimic Goodberry 30
Mimic Heroes' Feast 80
Advanced Cooking[]

Certain recipes such as that for Displacer Steak possesses advanced cooking methods which mimic spells. You may only benefit from these cooking based spell effects 1/day, though you may cook any number of meals you wish.

In general, the formula is DC 20 + (10 x spell level squared) (cantrips are just 25), and typically with a lower caster level to not as to outdo actual magic. For example, a Cure Light Wounds effect would likely be DC 30. Appropriate material components in the form of ingredients should always be provided.

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