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Summary::This creature is wreathed in raw, divine essence. Exemplars are creatures that result directly from a deity's power, either forming from the aether or being purposefully created. The embodiment of the remaining spirit of a dead deity is likely an exemplar. Proto-forces of raw, unshaped essence when condensed in a body and consciousness, such as with a new deity that is in the process of being born, can be an exemplar as well. Exemplars are creatures of intense power and can be of any alignment.

Creating an Exemplar[]

The Exemplar Template can both be applied and inherited. A fledgling deity or the essence of a vanquished deity personified inherits the template, but when an exemplar is purposefully created from actual investiture of a deity's power into an existing creature, it is acquired.

Size and Type[]

The base creature's size does not change. When the template is inherited, the creature's type changes to Outsider, otherwise it is unchanged.

Hit Dice[]

When the template is inherited, the creature's Hit Dice change to d8, otherwise it is unchanged. In any case, the exemplar receives maximum hit points for each Hit Die.


The base creature's speed changes in accordance to its size, and whether it is biped or quadruped.

Table: Exemplar Speed
Size Biped1 Quadruped2
Fine 20 ft. 60 ft.
Diminutive 30 ft. 70 ft.
Tiny 40 ft. 80 ft.
Small 50 ft. 90 ft.
Medium 60 ft. 100 ft.
Large 80 ft. 120 ft.
Huge 100 ft. 140 ft.
Gargantuan 120 ft. 160 ft.
Colossal 140 ft. 180 ft.
  1. Or any form with two or fewer legs.
  2. Or any form with three or more legs.

Note: Use the Biped column for burrow and swim speeds for
all exemplars regardless of form. Use half the value in the
Biped column for climb speeds for all exemplars. Use twice
the value in the Quadruped column for fly speeds for all
exemplars capable of flying.

Armor Class[]

The creature gains a +12 natural armor bonus and a +12 insight bonus to Armor Class. If it already has a natural armor or insight bonus, it doesn't stack. The creature also gains a deflection equal to its Charisma modifier.


The base creature retains the ability to use manufactured weapons, as well as all its natural weapons. Any attack made by an exemplar is made with a +12 insight bonus.

Special Attacks[]

An exemplar uses its special attacks with a +12 insight bonus where applicable. Furthermore, it gains spellcasting ability as a sorcerer with a CL equal to the exemplar's (adjusted) CR.

Special Qualities[]


Polymorphing, petrification or any attack that alters the exemplar's form, energy drain, ability drain, ability damage, mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns, morale effects, disease, poison, stunning, sleep, paralysis, death effects and critical hits.


When the template is inherited, the base creature regains scores in all abilities that were nonabilities, of 10 + ¼ the creature's Hit Dice. In addition, it gains +4 to his Constitution score for every size category that it is larger than Medium or a -2 penalty for every size category that it is smaller than Medium.


Exemplars gain a +12 luck bonus to all skill checks. If the exemplar gained an Intelligence score, it gains skill points as per that new Intelligence score.


An originally mindless creature that gained this template as an inherited template gains a number of feats as per its Hit Dice, if it doesn't already have feats.


Outer planes.


Solitary (unique)

Challenge Rating[]

As base creature + 10


Same as base creature


Either by Hit Dice or by character class.

Level Adjustment[]


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