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Summary::You are struck with burning flame, but you endure and then return the favor with a blast of fire of your own! Such is the power obtained from an Energy Battery shield. Energy Battery shields appear to have a thin glossy layer of glass over their front ends.

Energy Battery has a reserve of up to 100 points of energy damage. When stuck by energy damage, the glassy shell begins to fog up with an appropriate elemental essence... dancing flames, frosted glass, crackling lightning, green corrosion, and distorted pulses. The energy damage taken is not reduced, but is rather added to the reserve, for example if you take 33 points of damage from a fireball you still take the damage as normal, but the energy reserve fills with 33 points of fire. When the reserve reaches 100 points of damage you may release the energy as a standard action in a blast of 10d6 energy damage out in a 60 ft. line, with a Reflex save for half DC 10 + 1/2 your class level + Charisma. The shield may only hold one energy type at a time, absorbing a different type of energy resets the reserves to 0, but you may selectively choose when to absorb.

In addition, when you have an element in reserve (fully charged or not) you gain +1 damage on any attacks you make with the appropriate element.

Moderate Evocation; CL 10th; craft magic arms and armor, lightning bolt, protection from energy; Price: Cost::+2.

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