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Balance: Rogue

Encounter-Based Wordcasting[]

Summary::You are too impatient to wait a whole day for more words.

Class: Class::Any class with Wordcasting

Level: 1st

Replaces: If you select this class feature, you don't get words per day. You cannot learn the Lift spell word, and the Lyf spell word only raises characters who have been dead for no more than 1 round/caster level. You cannot cast any spell that contains more than words than 4 + your Caster Level.

Benefit: You get a number of words per encounter equal to one-quarter the number of words per day you would otherwise receive, rounded up, plus two.

You can spend a full-round action to regain a number of words equal to your caster level plus one. This cannot set you above your total words per encounter.

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