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Balance: Rogue

Empower Bioweapon [Type::Xenotheric] [[Summary::You can use bio-energy to forcibly increase the power of your bioweapon.]] Prerequisites: [[Prerequisite::Bioweapon]], [[Prerequisite::Con 17]], [[Prerequisite::8 Hit Dice]]Benefit: You may expend up to 1 bio-energy charge for every 4 HD that you have while firing your bioweapon. For every charge over the first, your bioweapon's damage increases by +4dX (to a maximum of +12dX at 4 charges).

After using this feat, you must wait for a number of rounds equal to the amount of charges expended before you can use any of your bioweapons again (a 1-round cooldown time meaning you can fire again next round).Normal: You can only use 1 bio-energy charge when firing your bioweapons.

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