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Summary::Water elementals with healing abilities naturalized to the material plane.


Named for Elnade, a water elemental goddess, most elnades are considered to be "Daughters of Elnade", however, there are "Sons of Elnade" as well.


Elnades are inquisitive and touchy by nature. They gain satisfaction in the exploration of the world around them, figuring out how it works and how they work within the grand scheme.

Elnades tend to be express parental care toward their friends and allies. They are quite willing to put their safety aside for the needs of others and willingly sacrifice themselves for their allies, though, they never do so foolishly.

Physical Description[]

Elnades have highly cohesive, clear, watery bodies made of living water. They have definite humanoid forms, and don't drip or splash when they move. However, their features do ripple and swirl as they move. They appear much like humans, but their features are indistinct, showing only vague distinctions of facial features. On average, they stand about 5'9" tall and weigh about 140 pounds. Some elnades give off slight hues of color, typically faint blues and greens. Even those elnades that live within areas of murky water and filth remain clear and clean.

Upon death, her body loses its cohesiveness. If a body is needed for a resurrection, any pure water may be used as a substitute.

The difference in males and females may be most apparent to humanoids, but this distinction matters little in their eyes.


Elnades work well with most other races. However, those folk that actively violate their watery homes as a whole are despised, if not actively hunted.

Elnades most often work with fey folk, elves and druids, but may find acceptance among other groups.

With their natural healing skills, they are welcome in places that accept strange folk.


As elementals, they are mostly neutrally aligned. Though, they tend toward goodness and chaos being free spirits with a penchant for helping others.


The ancestors of elnades were water elementals native to the Elemental Plane of Water. Elnades are quite naturalized to the Material Plane and have spread throughout it. They typically live in large bodies of water, but are also known to take up residences in rivers, streams, bogs and swampy marshes. While they are most comfortable submerged, they are known to wander about on land. They typically avoid arid lands like deserts, as well as perpetually frozen lands like the far north and mountain tops.


Most elnades worship their patron mother goddess, Elnade. As a whole, they are surprisingly devout and pay reverence to other deities as needed.

Though, as worlds vary, so do the gods that influence them. Elnades are most apt to worship Water deities or other nature deities. As a predominately female culture, they tend toward goddesses and mother nature figures.


Elnades speak Aquan as well as Common. Though, they often speak in hushed, muted tones that ripple with distortion.


Elnades are occasionally named in Aquan for the location or body of water that they were birthed at or live in. Typically, they have a traditional Aquan name.

Male Names: Aulin, Baustir, Gullien, Foijin, Nemo, Owem, Sedwien, Seujer, Wejin

Female Names: Croa, Ewna, Hadeunne, Iweunne, Jinweh, Sopweh, Uala, Zefeh

Racial Traits[]

Racial Feats[]

Elnades have access to racial feats that expand upon their elemental natures.

Name Description

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Vital Statistics[]

Table: Elnade Random Starting Ages
Adulthood Simple Moderate Complex
13 years +1d6 +2d6 +3d6
Table: Elnade Aging Effects
Middle Age1 Old2 Venerable3 Maximum Age
120 years 580 years 1400 years Indefinite4
  1. At middle age, −1 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
  2. At old age, −2 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
  3. At venerable age, −3 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
  4. Elnades live indefinitely and have no set maximum age.
Table: Elnade Random Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 5' 2" +2d6 100 lb. × (2d6) lb.
Female 5' 2" +2d6 100 lb. × (2d6) lb.

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