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Elf, Lost Edit

Summary:: Not all elves have the natural gift of magic. You never hear about them. Well, here they are.

Lost Elves look and act just like any other elf of their sub-race. A Lost High Elf looks just like a normal High Elf. Lost Elves, however, push themselves as far as they can physically go and farther. Please note that this is more of a race then template but sounds more like a template then race. That is why I am putting it under templates.

Creating a Lost Elf Edit

This is an inherited template that can only be added to elves.

Size and Type Edit

No Change

Hit Dice Edit

No Change

Speed Edit

+10 Feet. Since lost elves can not use magic, they push themselves to go faster to protect their magic-wielding allies quicker.

Armor Class Edit

Natural Armor +1. Because of pushing themselves to be better at "mundane" combat, their skin has hardened just enough to give them a natural armor bonus.

Attack Edit

No Change

Full Attack Edit

No Change

Special Attacks Edit

No Change

Special Qualities Edit

Low-Light Vision, Immunity to Sleep and Charm Person effects. While a lost elf can't cast the spells to manipulate others, they are stubborn enough to shrug them off.

Lost Elves cannot become a class that uses Arcane Magic. They have (for whatever reason the GM decides) completely lost their connection to Arcane Magic. The may still become divine casting classes however.

Abilities Edit

Lost Elves lose any bonuses to their "magical" stats (Int, Wis, Cha) that their race grants. Replace the race's base stat bonuses with the following:

+4 to Dex, +2 Cha Lost Elves don't push themselves so hard physically as they do in their dexterity, and, as all elves are, they are more charismatic then most people.

Skills Edit

No Change

Feats Edit

No Change

Environment Edit

As normal elf

Organization Edit

No Change

Challenge Rating Edit

As normal elf

Treasure Edit

As normal Elf

Alignment Edit

Any (ussaly that of the elf sub-race)

Advancement Edit

Character Class

Level Adjustment Edit

+0. While this race dose allow for a far hardier elf, their racial lack of Arcane Magic holds them back from being stronger then other elves.

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