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Elemental Spheres[]

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Elemental Spheres function like Fiendish Spheres, except that each one is associated with one or more of the Elements. An Elemental Weird taking an Elemental Sphere must be a Weird of the same element as the Sphere. It is reccomended that Genies follow these same rules (yes, this is a nerf, to keep them thematically appropriate. While it is a cute trick to take the Cold sphere on your Efreeti to gain immunity to Cold and offset your Vulnerability with already being immune, it's not really thematically appropriate to have an Efreeti better at Cone of Cold than it is at Fireball). Note that Magma has no spheres listed for it. This is intentional; it can draw Spheres from both the Earth and Fire lists. Spheres listed with Fiend as an element are new and can be taken by Fiends. New spheres without Fiend listed cannot be taken by Fiends.

Whenever a Sphere grants a bonus spell at a level, the two spells are limited to one total use per day at Basic Access, and three at Advanced access. Both are still at-will at Expert access. Enhanced Sphere Access works normally.

Any unlisted parts of a Sphere (such as its granted ability or spell list) use the Fiendish Sphere of the same name.

The Spheres[]


Elements: Air, Fiend
Ability: Elemental: Your Fly speed improves by one maneuverability class and 10'. If already perfect, it improves by 20'. Fiend: You gain the (Air) Subtype and the above ability. If you have no Fly speed, you instead gain a Fly speed of 15' (Good).
1 Expeditious Retreat (Also applies to Fly speed)
3 Gaseous Form
5 Wind Wall
7 Control Winds
9 Overland Flight
11 Summon Nature's Ally VI (Cast as [Air] spell only)
13 Control Weather
15 Whirlwind
17 Telekinesis, Quickened (Violent thrust only)
19 Summon Elemental Monolith ([Air] only, no need to concentrate) (CArc)


Elements: Ice, Fiend
Ability: Your spell-like abilities with the [Cold] descriptor leave a frozen slick over all surfaces in their areas or touched by their Effects. This slick functions as a Grease spell, and lasts for two rounds.
1 Chill Metal
3 Icy Sphere (as Flaming Sphere, but Cold)
5 Sleet Storm
7 Polar Ray
9 Fire Shield (Chill shield only)
11 Transmute Mud to Rock (new rock is frozen and gets ice slick)
13 Prismatic Spray (has [Cold] descriptor for no reason)
15 Flesh to Ice, Quickened (Frostburn) (Substitute: Temporal Stasis)
17 Comet Swarm (as Meteor Swarm, but Cold)
19 Earthquake with added Ice Storm (covers entire area of Earthquake for full duration)


Elements: Air, Water, Ice
Ability: If you already have the Cold subtype, you instead gain Fire Resistance equal to twice your level.


Elements: All, Fiend
Ability: You gain a bonus [Item Creation] feat.
1 Unseen Servant
3 Make Whole
5 Minor Creation
7 Stone Shape
9 Major Creation
11 Fabricate
13 Wall of Iron
15 Magnificent Mansion
17 Wish (Wealth and Magic Item only for free, spend for Raise the Dead and Increase power of item only)
19 Genesis (SpC)


Elements: All


Elements: Air, Earth, Shadow, Fiend
Ability: Your area spell-like abilities may, at your option, stir up a stinging dust cloud, inflicting a stackable -2 penalty to Spot and Listen checks and a -1 penalty to attack rolls for one minute to any creature that does not successfully save against the spell. The cloud lasts one round, and its effects last one minute after the affected creature takes its last increase to its penalties.
1 Gust of Wind
3 Glitterdust
5 Sleet Storm ([Air], not [Cold], descriptor. Fine dust has same effect as ice)
7 Disintegrate
9 Cloudkill
11 Mass Blindness (as Blindness/Deafness, but Blindness only, 1 creature/level)
13 Creeping Doom
15 Horrid Wilting
17 Summon Golem (Clay Only) (PHB2)
19 Disintegrate (You may use this ability as an immediate action)


Elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Fiend
Ability: You gain Immunity to Electricity.
1 Lightning Bolt
3 Shocking Ray (as Scorching Ray, but electric)
5 Orb of Electricity
7 Chain Lightning
9 Electric Shield (PHB2 Sonic Shield, but Electric)
11 Thunder Field (PHB2)
13 Power Word: Stun
15 Greater Shout, Electric-Substituted
17 Lightning Bolt, Maximized and Uncapped
19 Chain Lightning, Quickened


Elements: All except Shadow
Ability: Your equipment all gains the Ghost Touch property.
1 Alarm
3 See Invisibility
5 Blink
7 Baleful Blink (PHB2)
9 Mage's Faithful Hound
11 Ethereal Jaunt
13 Greater Arcane Sight
15 Maze
17 Etherealness
19 Gate (Travel version only)


Elements: Fire
Ability: If you already have the Fire subtype, you instead gain Cold Resistance equal to twice your level.


Elements: Water, Ice, Shadow


Elements: Earth, Fire, Fiend
Ability: You may burrow through metal using any existing Burrow speed.
1 Magic Vestment
3 Chill Metal (special bonus: Heat Metal, uses same slots)
5 Keen Edge
7 Rusting Grasp
9 Major Creation (metals only)
11 Wall of Iron
13 Blade Barrier
15 Iron Body
17 Binding
19 Summon Golem (Iron Only)


Elements: All
Ability: Roll all chances for a divination spell or spell-like ability you cast to work or backfire twice, and take the more advantageous result.
1 Identify
3 Augury
5 Tongues
7 Divination
9 Commune
11 True Seeing
13 Vision
15 Discern Location
17 Metafaculty (Psionic power)
19 Wish (Undo Misfortune and Turn Back Time only, no EXP cost for Undo Misfortune if you don't undo the same round more than once)


Elements: Wood
Ability: You gain the Druid's Wilderness Stride ability.
1 Entangle
3 Wood Shape (bonus: Warp Wood)
5 Plant Growth
7 Command Plants
9 Wall of Thorns
11 Liveoak
13 Animate Plants
15 Control Plants
17 Shambler
19 Mass Awaken (Trees only)


Elements: Fire


Elements: Earth, Water, Fiend
Ability: You can walk and stand on soft or sticky ground, even quicksand, as if it was firm.
1 Soften Earth and Stone
3 Earthen Grasp (CArc)
5 Water Walk
7 Stony Grasp (CArc)
9 Transmute Rock to Mud
11 Acid Fog
13 Flesh to Stone
15 Sympathy
17 Gate (Travel only)
19 Imprisonment


Elements: Earth, Wood
Ability: You can heal yourself by one hit point per spell-like ability this Sphere has granted you as a standard action as long as you are in either light as bright as natural sunlight or standing on earth (but not stone, unless you can burrow through it. You may use this on anything you can burrow through).
1 Pass without Trace
3 Barkskin
5 Poison
7 Antiplant Shell
9 Transport via Plants
11 Ironwood
13 Transmute Metal to Wood
15 Regenerate
17 Clone (Self only, must grow in earth)
19 Soul Bind (Uses a seed to hold the soul)


Elements: Shadow, Fiend
Ability: You can see in any kind of darkness, even magical darkness, out to 60', or 30' more than you normally could, whichever is more. This otherwise behaves like Darkvision.
1 Darkness
3 Mirror Image
5 Displacement
7 Shadow Conjuration
9 Shadow Evocation
11 Shadow Walk
13 Project Image
15 Greater Shadow Conjuration (specical bonus: Greater Shadow Evocation)
17 Simulacrum
19 Shades


Elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Shadow, Fiend
Ability: Any [Fire] spell-like ability you cast that affects an area may, at your option, produce a smoke cloud that provides concealment to any creature more than 5' away through it, and total concealment to any creature more than 10' away through it. This smoke cloud lasts for one round per caster level and fills the entire area.
1 Heat Metal
3 Pyrotechnics
5 Stinking Cloud
7 Flame Blade, Quickened
9 Cloudkill
11 Mirage Arcana
13 Delayed Blast Fireball
15 Horrid Wilting
17 Implosion
19 Summon Efreeti (as Summon Monster IX, but summons an Efreeti)


Elements: Earth


Elements: Water, Fiend
Ability: You gain the (Water) subtype and a Swim speed equal to your base land speed. If you already have those, your Swim speed improves by 10'
1 Grease ([Water] descriptor)
3 Quench
5 Control Water
7 Freedom of Movement
9 Transmute Rock to Mud
11 Acid Fog
13 Telekinetic Sphere (the Sphere is filled with water, water weighs nothing for your telekinesis)
15 Arctic Cloud (as Incendiary Cloud, but Cold damage)
17 Summon Elemental Monolith ([Water] only)
19 Crushing Hand


Elements: Air, Water, Fiend
Ability: You suffer no penalties (such as to Listen, ranged attacks, or ability to make ranged attacks at all) due to weather conditions or wind of any kind.
1 Obscuring Mist
3 Sleet Storm
5 Call Lightning Storm
7 Solid Fog
9 Control Winds
11 Control Weather
13 Acid Fog
15 Horrid Wilting
17 Meteor Swarm
19 Storm of Vengeance

Spheres by Element[]

All: Creation, Dominion, Oracle, Ether (no Shadow)
Air: Air, Cold, Dust, Electricity, Weather
Earth: Dust, Electricity, Metal, Quicksand, Roots, Smoke, Stone
Fire: Electricity, Fire, Metal, Pyre, Smoke
Water: Cold, Frostbite, Quicksand, Water, Weather
Ice: Arctic, Cold, Frostbite
Shadow: Dust, Frostbite, Shadow, Smoke
Wood: Roots, Plant
Fiend: Air, Arctic, Creation, Dust, Electricity, Metal, Quicksand, Shadow, Smoke, Water, Weather

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