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Elemental Resistance [Type::Elemental] Summary::Your elemental heritage gives you the ability to resist energy attacks. {{#set:Prerequisite=None}}Benefit: You gain Resistance 5 * Character level to one or two energy types, depending on your elemental subtype.

  • Air: Electricity and Cold.
  • Earth: Acid and Cold
  • Fire: Cold. This applies before your Cold Vulnerability is taken into account.
  • Water: Acid and ElectricitySpecial: If you have multiple elemental subtypes, pick two subtypes and then one energy type from each of those subtypes' list. If you have the Psuedoelemental Being feat and none of the above Subtypes, instead pick from the list below:
  • Ice: Fire. This applies before your Fire Vulnerability is taken into account.
  • Shadow: Cold and Fire.
  • Wood: Acid and Fire.


  • Book of Elements release: Raised resistance to 5 * level (was 2 * level). Raised balance point to Rogue (was Fighter)

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