Elemental FeatsEdit

Any feat of the [Elemental] type can only be taken by Outsiders and Elementals of origin on with the Elemental Planes, or with ancestors from the Elemental Planes (such as Genasi), and by creatures from other planes with a specific close affinity for an elemental plane (sources of such affinities will be labelled). All Genies, regardless of type, may also take [Elemental] Feats. Many [Elemental] feats require specific subtypes.

List of Elemental FeatsEdit

[Fiend] FeatsEdit

A number of Elemental Feats are also available as Fiend feats. However, as Elemental Feats they are often slightly different. These changes are listed below:

  • Elemental Aura: Unchanged.
  • Extra Arms: Prerequisites increased by three levels (first pair at 9, second at 15).
  • Huge Size, Large Size: If you are an Air, Fire, or Shadow elemental, you may decrease your Strength and Natural Armor increases for the size increase by 2 to remove the Dexterity decrease. This may be repeated for final results of Strength +4, Dexterity +2, Natural Armor +0 (Large), +1 (Huge)
  • Stolen Breath: Prerequisites change to (Air) Subtype or Drowning Grasp, Character Level 3+.

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