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Element-Binding Craft {{#set:Type=General}} Summary::You have found the secrets to force an elemental into a magic item and steal its power. Prerequisites: Prerequisite::Three or more Item Creation feats, [[Prerequisite::ability to cast Lesser Planar Binding.]]Benefit: When crafting a magic item, you can bind an elemental to it. The elemental must be available and restrained for the entire crafting. If it is within a summoning circle, it may attempt to escape once per day during the crafting, as normal. Once you finish crafting, the creature vanishes into the item. It is sent back to its home plane when the item is destroyed. Binding an elemental to an item works like using a soul: it reduces the materials cost of the item by 100 x the CR of the elemental squared, EXP cost, if applicable, by a fifth of that, and allows you to use any spells with the appropriate elemental descriptor of a spell level up to the creature's CR to satisfy prerequisites to craft that item. The elemental can be detected by spells that detect alignments, creatures, and so on.

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