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{{#set:Summary=Make a firearm attack in a line that automatically threatens a critical hit, deals +15d6 or more damage. }} {{#set:Discipline=Black Rain|Type=Strike}}

Ebon Lotus Blossom Mandala
Black Rain (Strike)
Level: Level::9
Prerequisite: Four Black Rain maneuvers
Initiation Action: 1 standard action
Range: 60 ft.
Area: Line
Duration: Instantaneous

At the peak of the gunslinger’s art, there lies the ebon battle mandala, the swirling ring of black lotus petals that is uncompromising death for the gunslinger’s foes. To draw up this mandala, the gunslinger closes his eyes, seeing the battlefield with his very soul.

When you initiate this maneuver, you make a single ranged attack with a firearm or ray weapon as a line attack. The attack ignores all miss chances from concealment, even total concealment, and for impaired vision or invisible foes — even with your eyes closed, you take no penalty. The attack automatically hits every foe in the maneuver’s area, and automatically threatens a critical hit. You make a separate confirmation roll for each opponent, and a separate damage roll for each opponent hit by the attack. The attack deals an additional +15d6 damage, which increases to +25d6 if you confirm the critical hit. In addition, because the ebon lotus blossom mandala reveals any weaknesses a foe has, not just those of living foes, the critical hit damage and bonus damage from the maneuver still applies against foes normally immune to critical hits (such as undead).

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