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E6 Rules[]

Summary::E6 is a radical take on D&D 3.5, where level 6 is made the "epic" level. Characters stop leveling at level 6, and instead gain more feats as they continue to advance. This allows games to remain at a certain level of play for simplicity and ease of DMing.

This supplement for the D&D game presents the E6 rules for D&D 3.5



What is E6?
How E6 Works
What Levels Mean in E6


Monsters and Items in E6
Races with a Level Adjustment
For the GM
On Allowing Feats
Extra Feats
Quick Templates for E6
List of Wondrous Items

Benefits of E6

Using E6
Why is E6 Designed This Way?

Variant Rules

The Death Flag
Raising the Stakes
Reading the Players

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