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Dynamic Grip {{#set:Type=General}} [[Summary::When you wield a weapon, you do not lock your hands in a fixed position on its handle. Instead, you can constantly adjust your grip, sliding up and down the weapon’s length, even gripping the blade of the weapon (if it’s single-edged). This allows you to extend your reach with the weapon and optimize your striking opportunities.]] Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: BAB +1, Martial Weapon Proficiency|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: This feat has several benefits:
• You can use a reach weapon to attack adjacent targets.
• When you wield a staff or other weapon with a long pole-like handle about six feet in length, you can use it as a reach weapon, attacking opponents up to 10-feet away.
• When you wield a weapon with a handle about as long as your forearm (or longer), you can use the weapon as a double weapon, striking an opponent with its blunt tip. The blunt end of the weapon inflicts 1d6 bludgeoning damage.
Normal: Characters without this feat cannot attack adjacent targets with a reach weapon.

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