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Dying 3.75 Edition Edit

Based on the methods of death and dying planned for 4e, this variant rule alters when a character is dead and when they are dying. The system accounts for healthy tougher characters maintaining some toughness in the negatives, as well as scaling with levels. As I believe the 4e version is too much, this one is a happy medium between the two values of -10, and the large values in 4e.

When do I die? Edit

Dying is now a function of HD and your Con modifier. Specifially, your range which you are simply dying and negative is the normal -10 - (1/2 your HD x Con modifier). By having a high Con score and high levels you can ensure that, while you may be out of the fight, as long as your allies win you have a chance. It makes death less risky at high levels when -10 provides no buffer between being alive and being dead. A DM may wish to make life restoring magics more rare in return, however. Dying, at minimum, is -10 regardless of what your Constitution or HD is.

Examples Edit

  • Level 1 character with Con 16. (1 x 3) = -13
  • Level 1 character with Con 10. (1 x 0) = -10
  • Level 5 character with Con 14. (2 x 2) = -14
  • Level 10 character with Con 12. (5 x 1) = -15
  • Level 10 character with Con 20. (5 x 5) = -35
  • Level 20 character with Con 14. (10 x 2) = -30
  • Level 20 character with Con 8. (10 x -1) = -10 is minimum
  • Level 20 character with Con 30. (10 x 10) = -110 (but this is a pure Con build, it makes some sense)

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