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Drow House Insignia (Spell) Level 3+
This small unusually shaped amulet bears a strange symbol.
Level 3 +1 680 gp Level 18 +4 85000 gp
Level 8 +2 3400 gp Level 23 +5 425000 gp
Level 13 +3 17000 gp Level 28 +6 2125000 gp

Item Slot: Neck
Enhancement: Fortitude, Reflex and Will
Property: The drow house insignia contains a single sorcerer, warlock, wizard or arachnomancer encounter attack power of 1st level. This power is chosen at the time of item creation and cannot be changed.

Level 8: encounter utility power of 2nd level or encounter attack power of 3rd level.
Level 13: encounter utility power of 6th level or encounter attack power of 7th level.
Level 18: encounter utility power of 10th level or encounter attack power of 13th level.
Level 23: encounter utility power of 16th level or encounter attack power of 17th level.
Level 28: encounter utility power of 22th level or encounter attack power of 27th level.

Power (4e Item Usage::Daily): [[4e Item Action Type::[As Power]]]. As the power contained in the house insignia.

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