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Drow House Insignia (Transmitting) Level 13
This small unusually shaped amulet bears a strange symbol.
Level 13 17000 gp

Wondrous Item
Power (4e Item Usage::At-Will ♦ Psychic): 4e Item Action Type::Minor Action. You send a short message (of no more than 25 words) to any drow house insignia (transmitting) which you know so long as it is no more than 1 mile away. The wearer of the drow house insignia (transmitting) which you chose hears the message (whether you intended the message for her or not). The drow house insignia (transmitting) which you choose must be of the same house as your drow house insignia (transmitting). The house the drow house insignia (transmitting) is of is chosen at the time of item creation and cannot be changed. Any message you send in this way can only be overheard with a sucessful arachana, arcana or religion check (the DC is the same as a listen check DC). You can sustain this power as a minor action to continue your message.

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