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Drench [Type::Elemental] Summary::Your body puts out fires. Prerequisites: Prerequisite::(Water) SubtypeBenefit: You can put out fires by touching them. A nonmagical fire at least two size categories smaller than you can be put out automatically as a free action. A nonmagical fire your size or smaller, or an equally large portion of a larger fire, takes a standard action. A magical fire is no action (if instantaneous), or a standard action (if it has a duration of one round or more), and requires a Dispel check (1d20 + your Character level against DC 11 + caster level). Successfully drenching a fire ends it as a Dispel Magic spell (counterspell, if instantaneous, otherwise targeted). If the source of the magical fire has multiple distinct parts (such as a Meteor Swarm's multiple meteors), you only put out the part touching you. You take no damage from any fire you successfully put out. Fire creatures are not subject to this effect unless summoned, in which case the summoning behaves as a magical fire.

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