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Balance: Rogue


Summary::You like to travel, frequently by skipping the journey and going straight to the destination. You also have a bit of a fascination with doors. As is the convention for Suits, the casting time is listed in parentheses.

Ace (low) (Move): Teleport a distance of Close. Line of effect and line of sight are required.

Two (Full-round): As knock.

Three (1 Round): As warp wood, but only on doors, and independent of material.

Four (1 Round): As arcane lock, but no material component.

Five (1 Round): As gaseous form, but no material component.

Six (Immediate): As dimensional anchor.

Seven (Full-round): As dimension door.

Eight (1 Minute): As illusory wall.

Nine (1 Round): As teleport.

Ten (1 Round): As plane shift, but without the focus, and only willing creatures.

Jack (1 Round): As passwall, but no material component.

Queen (1 Minute): As refuge, but material component is an ordinary quarterstaff or flute.

King (Standard): As teleport object.

Ace (high) (Standard): As teleportation circle, but no material component, and is cast on a vertical door instead of a horizontal surface. Walking through the door from one direction teleports the person to the destination.

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