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Balance: Fighter

Dodgy Sort of Fellow [{{#arraymap: Subsidy|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::When you leave the room, people look at your back and say "He's a dodgy sort of fellow, ain't he?" But only in reference to the fact that you won the battle without being hit. {{#set:Prerequisite=None}}Benefit: See below

Subsidy Feat Bonuses are based on what other feats you possess.

  • Agile: You can make a 5' step as a free action once per day.
  • Acrobatic: You get a +1 Dodge bonus to AC against Attacks of Opportunity.
  • Combat Expertise: If you take a penalty on an attack roll due to Combat Expertise, you get a +1 Dodge bonus to AC.
  • Dodge: The bonus to AC granted by Dodge improves to +2.
  • Lightning Reflexes: You can reroll a failed Reflex save once per day.
  • Run: You can run across difficult terrain at half speed.
  • DashComplete Warrior: All of your speeds increase by 5' per character level while wearing light or no armor and carrying no more than a light load.

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