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In the World of Greyhawk campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, Ye'Cind is the elven demigod of Music and Magical Songs. His holy symbol is a recorder.

Description[edit source]

Ye'Cind is shown as an attractive androgynous elf wearing blue and green clothing.

Relationships[edit source]

Ye'Cind's allies include Olidammara, Lydia, and the good deities of the Seldarine. He opposes the gods who represent evil magic.

Artifacts[edit source]

This deity created the artifact, the Recorder of Ye'Cind.

Dogma[edit source]

Ye'Cind teaches that music is an inherent part of the patterns of the multiverse, and that magic and music together can create something superior to either one alone.

Worshippers[edit source]

Clergy[edit source]

Ye'Cind's clerics are scholars of music, who know how to play many different musical instruments. Many clerics are also talented composers who can weave subtle magics into their songs and music.

Temples[edit source]

Creative origins[edit source]

Ye'Cind harkens back to Tolkien's Eru Ilúvatar, who created the multiverse via music. D&D creator Gary Gygax derived the name Ye'Cind from the name of one of his daughters, Cindy. (The name Cindy is itself a diminutive of an epithet of the Greek moon goddess Selene.)

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