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The Timeline for the Domains of Divinity campaign setting is listed in chronological order from top to bottom (the earliest events first, the most recent at the bottom). For a more detailed account, please read the history.


Gods AgeEdit

Year Event
-- The gods are born, exact details dependent on the religion. Ahura Amon, the god of wisdom, time, and benevolent authority, establishes a system of Pantheons that ensures that nothing the gods can create can be permanently annihilated. This pact, called The Oath Of Fate, also established a means of control of the leaders of the Pantheons to ensure that the gods did not annihilate themselves.
-- There are hints of ancient conflicts between the gods, before the creation of Eirn
-- The gods enter a time of creation and experimentation.
-- Kharm is found to have experimented with the creation of Life.
-- Eons long discussion of what to do about the concept of Life.
-- The Pact is made, and Eirn is created. Gelanie inhabits Eirn. Eirn was possibly created by Gelanie or Kharm depending on Elven and Dwarven philosophy, respectively.

Age of DawnEdit

Year Event
150-20 mya In a relatively short period of time (by earth geological clock standards) plants, animals, [archosaurs], and finally dinosaurs are created by the gods.
20 mya The Age of Dawn ends as the first sentient creatures, precursors to modern dragons are born.

Age of DragonsEdit

Year Event
20 mya Most of the large dinosaurs are eradicated by the ancient dragons.
18 mya Dragons begin to take on slightly different colorations, to better fit their surroundings.
15 mya The location and diet of dragons changes coloration even further, different personalities begin to emerge, leaning toward different alignments.
10 mya Modern chromatic and metallic are fully formed. The Dragonwar takes place.
~10-1 mya Sometime during this era, the first primitive humanoids emerge. Many races hold that theirs was first, and most beloved by the gods, and some claim to have existed during the Dragonwar, though the dragons themselves deny any possibility of humanoid life during this bloody war.

Age of ElvesEdit

The exact dates of events in the Age of Elves is largely unknown, but elven family trees can be used to trace back to certain events with some accuracy. Written and oral histories can pinpoint the length of certain events, but the long elven lifespan means that thousands of years may transpire between events, and elves did not record years until after the coming of humans. Events are presented in chronological and generational order. (Exact dates to be added).

Despite two more ages following the Age of Elves, more information is known of this age than the other two because of the long lives of these people.

Year Event
-- Wandering elven tribes begin to settle down, learning music.
1 Eilendi, an early Wild Sorcerer sneaks into the lair of Sslithlila (DOD Historical Figure) and witnesses her use of Sorcery, and hones it to an art.
10 Eilendi introduces magic to her tribe, and with this power, begins her quest to unite the elven tribes.
20 As many as 10 elven tribes found Eilendaria, and Eilendi becomes the leader.
20 As some tribes resist the growing influence of Eilendaria, skirmishes occur between elves, and the first elven blood is spilled by kin. It is said that Ethelian wept, causing a night of shooting stars, after the battle.
20 More tribes join with Eilendi, while others form a loose alliance to ward off the growing power of Eilendaria. More battles are fought. The first goblins are discovered by both sides.
10 The city of Eilendaria begins building its first defenses to ward off continued goblin raids. The elves opposed to Eilendi's influence travel west, trying to escape conflict with their bretheren as well as the goblins. They are led by Llarelderad, an experienced huntsman.
100 The Goblin War begins when outlying settlements allied under Eilendi are burned to the ground by raiders from the Whitecrest mountains. During this time, the elves united under Llarelderad settle in the woods along the western shore of what is now Haladan, naming themselves the Lir'Vari - People of the Woods.

Age of MagicEdit

Little is known of the people who dominated much of Galador during this age, records having been lost in the cataclysm that ended the age. Magical power was allowed to run unchecked, creating new monsters and races, even traveling to the stars. With the following Age of War, only sparse ruins can be found to remind people of this age, and what existed here. The elves, in seclusion for much of the Age, have the only existing records of the time. A few key events remembered by long-lived races, and legends, are below.

Year Event

Age of WarEdit

The Age of War begins with the First Falling, when several new gods sprang into being in the cosmos from another, far away place. The entire age was a time of chaos, destruction, and war as nations were built up, and torn down - entire races and civilizations destroyed. It wasn't until the Coming of Men from the East that things began to settle, ushering in what is known as the Age of Men.

Year Event

Age of MenEdit

As humans settled the eastern portions of the land, in what is now the Chendiri City States region, they were able to form alliances with the dwarves and elves of the region, pushing the orcs and goblins back. With their short lives and fecund breeding, the humans began to spread like wildfire, claiming much of what had been the lands of the elves, before the depredations of war culled their numbers.

Year Event

New AgeEdit

The New Age was recognized immediately by most scholars, because it had been agreed during the Age of War that the First Falling marked the beginning of the age, and it was appropriate that the Second should do the same. As yet, there has been no agreement as to what to call the latest Age of the history of Galador.

Year Event
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